Become an Arbyvore

We all know that Arby’s has the meats, so why not celebrate the people who take meat-loving to the next level? Join the evolution by becoming an Arbyvore.  

Brief: Arby’s wants to diversify its customer base to a younger millennial audience through the in-app Arby’s rewards program.

*Live client project completed in a 5-day Brandcenter Sprint.

Out of Home
Rewards App

Media Placement


Team; Celeste Chance (copywriter), Sarah Gray (strategist), Derek Martin (st), Chelsea Glakowski (st), Raquel Fereshetian (art director)

®           march madness           ®           arby’s           ®           bumble          ®           kraft mac&cheese         ®             waze          ®             duolingo             ®             katz’s deli             ®             coleman             ®