Nature With No Nonsense
Coleman has championed access to the outdoors since 1900, while its competitors have created a culture of outdoor elitism. 

Out of Home

Campaign photography

Captured on adventures to Idaho, Banff, CA, Wyoming, and West Virginia.

Youtube Series & Streaming Spots

Social Persona

Merch / Stunt  
People will be encouraged to stick Coleman-branded stickers on the coolers of their pretentious outdoorsy friends to remind them, it’s just a cooler.  

Team; Celeste Chance (copywriter), Ed Kiethly (strategist), Raquel Fereshetian (art director)

®           march madness           ®           arby’s           ®           bumble          ®                   kraft mac&cheese         ®             waze          ®             duolingo             ®             katz’s deli             ®             coleman             ®